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 Quick Guide To The Basic And Important Windows 10 Shortcuts

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Microsoft finally managed to shut the critics with Windows 10, which is easily the best version of the OS since Windows 7.  Windows 10 was initially offered as a free update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, but if you want to shift now, you will need a product key. Windows 10, much like its famed predecessors (barring Windows 8.1), offers a whole bunch of features, and if you know the shortcuts, using the OS would be a lot easier. In this post, we are discussing further on Windows 10 shortcuts and some of the ones you need to know.

The basics

Windows 10 already offers an easy access to the Start Menu using the Windows key, which cannot be technically called a shortcut. If you want to open File Explorer and browse a few files, you can use the shortcut Windows Key+E. Here are some more,

  1. Press Windows Key+ L to lock your system using the login password
  2. Press Windows + Left/Right for snapping your current window to other side of the screen
  3. Press Windows + C to access Cortana
  4. Press Windows + I for reaching Settings
  5. Press Windows + M for maximizing all windows
  6. Press Windows + S to initiate a search
  7. Press ALT+TAB for switching between Windows

There are of course the standard Windows controls. For example, CTRL+C allows you to copy, while CTRL+Z allows you to undo an action.

Other things to know

Windows 10 offers a whole range of features, and one of those is Virtual Desktops. For the uninitiated, Virtual Desktops allows the user to switch between desktop environments, as required. Use the command Windows + CTRL + D to set up a new Windows Desktop, and to switch between desktops, press Windows + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT. To close the current desktop you are using, check for Window+ CTRL+ F4.

Final word

Windows 10 shortcuts are designed to make the OS more intuitive and easier to use, and we strongly recommend that you consider learning the basic ones at the least, to unleash the power of Windows 10. There are also other standard shortcuts that were previously available with other version of Windows and will continue to work. Microsoft has tried its best to offer more on Windows 10, and it would be stupid not to harness the good aspects. Check online now to find more on the shortcuts for Windows 10.

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